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About Radio Control

With names like "Wowee Roborover," "Robosapien," and "Rumble Robots," radio control robots are mostly toys, at least the ones you can buy as a consumer. Robots are used a lot in manufacturing, of course, and wireless control is a major feature of many industrial robots. The day isn't here yet when you can buy a robot maid, butler, or chauffeur with radio control system, but it may not be too long in the future, as technology continues to progress. In the meantime, radio control robot toys can be fun, and so can radio controlled miniature helicopters, cars, and airplanes. All of these are readily found on eBay, often in brand-new condition, sold by reliable sellers. Kids of all ages love them (including those of retirement age). For more serious purposes, you can also find multiple-purpose radio control systems and parts for constructing your own or making repairs. Can Dr. Smith be far behind?

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