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About Rack Mounts

Rack mount gear is the way to go for both live bands and studio recording situations where space is a premium. Everything from mixers to effects, power strips, and lights can be mounted in a rack for compact, safe storage and portability. Rack mount effects are ideal for vocal processing, so whoever handles audio can pick the right patch in a pinch. In a studio, the effects rack is within reach at all times so you can change or adjust settings on the fly. In a large rack, a rack mount drawer provides plenty of space to stash extra microphone cables, capos, and guitar strings. A rack mount mixer packs just as much punch as a tabletop version, while taking up less space. In a home studio, leave it hooked up, in the rack, and simply turn it on any time you want to jam. No matter which rack mount gear or hardware you need, dependable sellers on eBay have got you covered with their large inventory.