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About Rack Mixers

Whether you are listening to a studio recording, or listening to a well-mixed live performance, that sound that seems so effortless has gone through a rigorous mixing process between the musicians and your ears, often involving a rack mixer. Like any other sound equipment you could think of, the sellers on eBay have a great selection of mixers for whatever your needs are. One option for a computer-based mixing setup is a Yamaha rack mixer with 20 inputs, including 16 connections that can accept either XLR or quarter-inch inputs with USB capabilities for computer integration. If you are a Mac devotee a 12-channel Alesis rack mixer with FireWire compatibility might be more your style, but if you are still using a PC but this mixer suits your style this rack mixer is also compatible with Windows XP or Vista as well as Mac OS X. While shopping on eBay you can be sure that the reliable sellers will include all important details about your music equipment purchases.