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About Racing Stickers

Your little sister collected Barbie stickers when you were kids, but you collected racing stickers. As you browse eBay, looking for a gift for your now-grown sister, you notice that reliable sellers are offering large lots of vintage racing stickers. You know you are supposed to be buying a gift for your little sister, but how can you concentrate on that with all those racing stickers in front of you? You do the right thing: you quickly order her a life-size Barbie, as a joke, but really to replace the one you drug down the street on the back of your bike, and then you start shopping for yourself. You spend hours going through all the Nazca racing decals, remembering all your favorite drivers, and before you know it, you have ordered several lots. Luckily, the sellers offer convenient shipping options, so now you just have to wait for them all to arrive.