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About Racing Pedals

Feel the thrill of the racetrack in your own car by installing a custom racing pedal?but resist the temptation to try breaking the land speed record on the highway. Feel the need for speed with a set of lightweight aluminum manual racing pedals from eBay that will fit any stick shift vehicle. Be the envy of any custom car show visitor with a set of blue aluminum pedals that match your car?s interior or get ready for compliments and back-slapping with a new installation of aftermarket carbon fiber pedals with footrest. Do not fear that your would-be Ferrari is not stick shift: automatic racing pedals in new and pre-loved condition provide all the oomph you are looking for. Available for all makes and models of motor vehicle, OEM pedals, both universal and custom fit, add style and substance to any car?s interior and provide a true racetrack driving experience. Next time you are stuck at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green and the driver next to you is revving to go, put your racing pedal to the metal and leave them eating your dust.