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About Race Car Driver Costumes

Ready, set, go — time to don a race car driver costume and get ahead of the pack. Costumes vary and can include a unique set of stripes, color combinations, and faux sponsor stickers along the sleeves, upper back, and front sections of the jacket and pants. These costumes are available in jumpsuit and separates styles for men, women, and children. A men's race car driver costume often comes complete with a either a jumpsuit or jacket and pants combination, hat or helmet, and gloves. For a more feminine approach, women's race car costumes may include a halter top, skirt, or pair of shorts. Most costumes feature checkered black and white areas and brightly colored automotive company sponsor labels such as Dupont and Goodyear. Costumes are often made from cotton, polyester, or leather and are easy to throw on when the moment strikes. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to find a race car driver costume for the whole family.

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