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About Race Car Beds

Roaring engines racing around the track and the cheers of the crowd as he crosses the finish line — that is what your little boy is dreaming about at night before he falls asleep. Since your little guy loves race cars so much, and you know he is dreaming of being a famous race car driver, getting him a race car bed only makes sense. The toddler race car bed uses the mattress from his crib, so he can go straight to a big boy bed that is equipped with a sleek race car design, painted on tires, and, of course, racing stripes, to make him feel like a star. As he grows, a twin-size race car bed uses a standard twin mattress, and offers more room for him. The vast inventory of race car bed options on eBay include heavy duty plastic, as well as wooden frames. There are numerous colors, car styles, and frame designs to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect race car bed for your little driver.