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About R.C. Gorman

Native American art is a powerful medium, one that continually treats viewers to vibrant scenes of life and spirituality. The work of R.C. Gorman, considered the Picasso of American Indian art, is a prime example. R.C. Gorman's work spans a number of mediums, ranging from painting to sculpture and lithography. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Gorman produced four cookbooks, many of which are well-loved testaments to the range of his genius. R.C. Gorman's pottery is filled with etchings of Native American symbology, much of it drawn from his own heritage as a member of the Navajo Nation. Gorman is well-respected within both the academic and critical literature, with many famous friends and followers. For examples of his work, check out the large inventory on eBay, where you can find an impressive range of his creations on sale. You can even pick up a signed R.C. Gorman print, which not too many people can claim to own. From beautiful landscapes to powerful characters, R.C. Gorman's work continues to inspire new generations of Native American artists.