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About Quimper

Beautiful pottery. Hand painted wording. Intricate images reminiscent of home. This is what you get with Quimper pottery. Whether you are looking for a Quimper bowl or an entire set, these pieces make a fine addition to any pottery collection. Often considered antiques and therefore collectibles, these pottery items sometimes do not see use. Instead, they make picturesque wall hangings or decorative shelf items that add a homey feel to any room. Excellent as gifts, these pieces tend to find special appeal with the older generation and ladies from the country. Dating back to the 17th century, many of these items truly are antiques and carry monetary value as well as emotional value. These items are still in production today from Henriot Quimper. Whether you are looking for collectibles or items for food use, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a plethora of Quimper pottery options. Quimper pottery; where function meets style and art.