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About Quilt Racks

You do not have just one favorite quilt; you have many. With a quilt rack, your many well-loved quilts can still be enjoyed as they wait their turn to decorate your chair, sofa, or bed. There is a large inventory of quilt racks in many styles available on eBay. Choose a simple wooden wall rack for your quilt. The wall rack's design offers a beautiful display shelf on the top so you can create a vignette, adding to the charm of your quilt. Iron quilt racks are usually more decorative and ornate. A free-standing rack can be added to the foot of the bed for extra chilly nights or in the family room next to your fireplace. If you have a delicate heirloom or particularly special quilt that you do not want to use or soil, the rack will make a perfect home for such a piece. Of course, quilt racks can display more than just quilts. They are great to hang banners, crocheted runners, a special flag, or even embroidered towels in the bathroom.