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About Quilt Hanger

Hanging around has never been easier for your tapestries than with a quilt hanger. You can find these hangers in materials suitable for interior decors of all kinds including vintage and contemporary designs. For an old-fashioned look, consider a wood quilt hanger. These hangers come from many types of hardwoods like oak, mahogany, and maple. Or, look for hangers deriving from softwoods such as cedar, spruce, and pine. Most of these hangers have plenty of shine and beauty due to thick layers of finishing polishes and lacquers. These finishes create aesthetic appeal and help reduce staining, fading, and other signs of aging. You can find these hangers in standalone units, featuring U-shape ends, with several cross bars for holding quilts of various sizes. Two sturdy feet on each end serve as anchors, keeping the racks from tipping over and moving. For a modern look, or if you need to save space, consider a wire quilt hanger. These hangers mount right to the wall and have one or two slots for storing quilts. Despite their smaller size, these hangers come with little decorative touches like hearts and flowers, adding warmth and cheer to the room. Look for a quilt hanger on eBay, where a large inventory can provide for all of your quilt display needs.