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About Quilling Kits

You love arts and crafts, but you are tired of doing the same old things. Do not fret, you can find a new past time with a quilling kit. Also called paper filigree, quilling is an art form started during the Renaissance, when monks and nuns would use it to decorate books and religious items. Quilling uses strips of rolled paper that is glued and shaped together to form different patterns and shapes. The shapes are used on greeting cards, pictures, boxes, jewelry, and more. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can start a new hobby in no time. With beginner's kits, you get everything you need to start quilling. Most kits include a quilling comb, quilling coach, circle template, ruler, metal tweezers, glue applicators, needles, and a storage box. You can find quilling kits to make just about anything, including animals, flowers, birds, and angels. There are even holiday-specific kits, allowing you to make paper snowflakes, Santas, Easter eggs, and jack-o-lanterns. Soon, you can be rolling and shaping paper like you are a pro and loving every minute of it.