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About Quick Release Steering Wheel

When you are chilling in a custom car, you are going to attract plenty of attention, including the attention of criminals who want the car for themselves. Security is important, so ensure the criminals have a bad day rather than you by fitting a quick release steering wheel. Originally intended for use in racing cars to make it easier for the driver to enter and exit the vehicle, quick release wheels are now popular with car enthusiasts who enjoy the stylish look and the added security that comes from being able to remove the steering wheel. A universal quick release steering wheel works with most makes and models of cars, and is relatively easy to fit and use. When you need to remove the wheel, simply press a button on the quick release hub, and the wheel pops off. When you return to the vehicle, click the wheel back into place, ensuring it locks securely before you start driving. The vast inventory on eBay provides a wide range of automotive parts, so you can easily find a quick release steering wheel that improves the appearance of your car while also deterring thieves.