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About Queen Storage Beds

Watching the home and garden channel on television has inspired you to redecorate your bedroom. With no room to fit a new dresser, you opt for the ultimate organizational solution: a queen storage bed. A fully functional bed that fits both your mattress and box spring, it opens up on the bottom to reveal several drawers on both sides. You know just the right place to look for one, and immediately search on eBay. Here you find a tall queen storage bed that looks like it just might work for you. Taller than most, it offers two rows of drawers instead of the traditional one. This works for your closet overflow, and you know you need the extra room. Browsing through the vast inventory, you see a white queen storage bed that will fit in perfectly with your modern decor. Despite its size, you know within a few days it will arrive, thanks to the reliable sellers offering convenient shipping options. Now you finally have a place to put your extra clothes and a gorgeous queen storage bed to brighten up your room.