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About Queen of Hearts Costumes

She's beautiful, unpredictable, and for just a little while, you can be her. Not all Queen of Hearts costumes are created equal, of course, but each has its own take on the occasionally benevolent ruler of Wonderland. Deluxe costume kits usually include a dress, petticoat, stockings, and a wig. Some even include a mighty scepter with which you can terrorize your minions. Of course, the heart motif features prominently throughout, in rich shades of black and red. Do not forget about the shoes, though; most costumes leave that entirely up to you. If you thought that you could not rock a costume as large and in charge as the Queen of Hearts, you have no need to worry. Plus-size versions make it clear that the Queen is in, and she is stunning at any size. Look for Queen of Hearts costumes from the top-rated sellers on eBay, particularly if they offer convenient shipping options. Sometimes inspiration for your costume choice does not strike until you are left with ordering the costume of your dreams on short notice.