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About Queen Elizabeth

While some of us can only dream of wearing a tiara, Queen Elizabeth II gets to wear one for a living. The official ruler of seven countries boasts a long and interesting past within the monarchy, as not only did she have the first-ever televised coronation at the age of 25, but she remains arguably one of the most intriguing and popular royals in history (along with her famous family, which includes son Charles, grandsons Harry and William, and new great-grandson, George). Buyers can peek inside the life of a royal by collecting paraphernalia available on eBay, including a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee plate that celebrates Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary. You can add other rare items to your royal collection, such as a beautiful Queen Elizabeth doll, that are available from reliable sellers on the site. Additionally, commemorative pieces like pins, plates, stamps, and photos help to celebrate the Queen's long, loyal reign. While for some of us, Buckingham Palace is but a tourist destination, for the spunky, elegant Queen, it is simply home.

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