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About Quadcopters

DHL wants to deliver packages to your doorstep with them, Martha Stewart loves hers, and the FAA struggles to regulate them. Even though everyone calls them drones, quadcopters are nothing like the bomb-carrying unmanned aircrafts in the arsenal of the U.S. Military. They are small airborne crafts propelled by four rotors and commonly used for aerial imagery. A quadcopter has a rechargeable battery that powers it and a radio controller to guide its take off, flight, and landing. A quadcopter, like the DJI Phantom, is strong enough to carry a camera. DJI produces a number of Phantom drones including the Phantom 2 Vision+, which has a 14 MP camera stabilized by a three-axis gimbal. Other quadcopter models without built-in cameras do have dedicated attachments for cameras. The most popular cameras used by aerial videographers are GoPro cameras. These are light enough for most commercial drones, sturdy enough to use for extreme sports, and powerful enough to shoot HD footage. Get a bird's eye view while keeping your feet on the ground when you pick up a drone from the large inventory of quadcopters on eBay.