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About Quad Band GSM

You had just been promoted to an executive position, and your first business trip outside the country was almost ruined by your expensive, carrier-locked phone. Luckily, a quad band GSM cell phone saved the day. The trip taught you that your fancy, flagship smartphone was as good as a paperweight the moment you stepped on the plane. Unlocked quad band GSM cell phones are not only carrier-free, but they are also equipped with radios that can connect to all global GSM frequencies. This means that you no longer have to worry about huge roaming bills when overseas. You can simply pop in the SIM card of a local GSM network. Like the local call rates of one network and the international call charges of another? Get a GSM quadband dual SIM cell phone. So, before you hop on the plane for that business meeting half the world away, pick up a quad band GSM phone among the wide selection of unlocked cell phones available on eBay.