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About Quacker Factory

QVC Shoppers are familiar with the name Jeanne Bice and her company, Quacker Factory. Although Jeanne and her daughter, Lee, both passed away in 2011, the company is still going strong. It is still producing whimsical tops, accessories, and other garments for women of all sizes. Quacker Factory has been a favorite among the QVC crowd for its cute designs, comfortable clothing, and festive holiday tops. You can find Christmas sweaters with various themes, which range from Christmas trees to lights, and from angels to snowflakes. Christmas is not the only holiday the company celebrates; you can find Halloween sweaters, too. Suppose you have a party to attend where the theme is festive sweaters, you can turn to eBay and take your pick of any of the holiday tops. Oh, but don?t think Quacker Factory only produces holiday tops. You can find tops with other embellishments like flowers, butterflies, cowboy boots, and fruit. If there is one thing the company is known for, it is for its quaint embellishments.