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About Pyrometer

Your relaxing hot air balloon ride suddenly takes a turn for the worst when the fabric catches fire, sending you plummeting to the ground. If your balloon was equipped with a pyrometer, you could have caught this before it happened. These handy devices measure temperature in a couple of ways. An optical pyrometer allows the user to compare the visual heat signature to a heated coil to determine the temperature of the item. Alternatively, there are devices that measure temperature by infrared and visible light radiation. Race car drivers benefit from having a tire pyrometer on hand, because they can optimize their tire pressure by determining how much their tires heated up after a lap on the track. Potters may also wish to attach one to their kiln so that they can make sure their clay creations are baked at the proper temperatures. Whatever your heat measuring needs are, eBay has a brand new device for you. Now it’s time to find out just how hot you and all of your possessions really are.