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About Pyrex Butterprint

An enthralling blend of eccentric and cozy, nostalgic and functional, the Pyrex Butterprint dish pattern is one of the most highly sought after by collectors and kitchen perfectionists. The trademark blend of rich artwork and rural agriculture present in the pattern gives it a nearly universal appeal, allowing it to fit into many different styles of home aesthetic. The scene on the Pyrex Butterprint is simple, yet memorable?a husband and wife surrounded by the bounty of their rural lifestyle, a bushel of crops held between them. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed numerous of the Pyrex Butterprint bowl lineup for your perusal, featured in many different colors, and dated as far back as 1957. Regarded by collectors as one of the most popular Pyrex lines ever produced, a whole set?or even a few lone dishes?can augment the appearance and function of your kitchen alike. Even a Pyrex Butterprint butter dish?aptly titled?can be found, lending a smidge of flair, rather than an entire aesthetic, to your cupboards.