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About Puzzle Boxes

A puzzle box may look fairly tame and unassuming from afar, but it bears a secret: close it once and you may not be able to open it again unless you move its pieces around in a particular order. A Japanese puzzle box, sometimes called "Himitsu-Baku" or "personal secret box," is a special type of box designed more than 100 years ago in Japan. While some boxes require only a few steps to open, others require dozens, a perfect gift for those who enjoy brainteasers and puzzles. Japanese puzzle boxes may be decorated in traditional geometric patterns, or feature imagery such as scenes of Mt. Fuji and trees or birds. A wood puzzle box may look as basic as a pencil box on the outside, or may be made of numerous interlocking pieces such as a heart shape with smaller slide-out pieces, or a cube shape with a secret compartment inside. No matter what kind of puzzle box you enjoy, reliable sellers on eBay offer a vast selection, bound to satisfy your puzzle-craving interests.

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