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About Purse Hangers

Having your handbag slipping off the back of your chair, or worse still, huddled on your lap, can ruin your experience of dining out. Purse hangers come to the rescue, holding the bag firmly and safely off the floor. Place the circular center at the edge of the table or any other flat, horizontal surface, with the hook suspended out of sight. The links of this folding hanger easily wrap around the circular rubber base when not in use. The vast inventory on eBay includes pretty designs on the center of purse hangers. You may like butterflies or floral prints, or even one with a stone-encrusted edge. This compact item takes up hardly any space in your purse, but unfolds only the final hook link, and voila; you have a decorative bag accessory. Create instant storage space at home for your collection of bags and scarves with a closet purse hanger. It is a rack with one sturdy hook to grasp your closet rod, and several smaller hooks to hold everything neatly in place. This is innovation, utility, and beauty all rolled into one.