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About Puppets

Playing with puppets has always been your cup of tea. In fact, your kids seem to always beg for encores after your hand puppet shows end in the living room, and even your friends request a show or two when they happen to show up for a visit. Unfortunately, your puppets are made of old socks, so they are not very believable props. It is time to upgrade your collection and wow your audience with a new professional puppet or two. Practice your ventriloquist skills with the help of a grinning ghost puppet that features an arm rod for ease of control. Step up your game with a reggae puppet that has wrap-around legs and a moving mouth, which ensures an authentic look and feel during your puppet shows. No puppet collection would be complete without a crazy colored chicken to round things out. Many professional puppets come with instructional DVDs to help you perfect your skills as you have time. A large inventory of both professional and hand puppets are available on eBay.

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