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About Punk Earrings

For six months you gently washed your new piercings, until finally the holes healed up around the starter earrings. After six months of the same pair, day in and day out?you are ready for a change and what better way to break the mold than with punk earrings? The category is broad and encompasses a variety of men?s and women?s styles. But with such a broad category it means you should have no problem finding a pair of earrings that suit your tastes, even if your grandmother might not approve. Do you go for spikes, elongated crosses or something else altogether? Maybe your style calls for ear cuffs that don?t require a piercing. Perhaps you would prefer a wrap that attaches through the earlobe and curls around the ear. Pick out studs or dangles in black, silver, gold, or any color you can think up. When buying new punk earrings on eBay, your imagination is the limit. Buy one pair to wear constantly or buy enough to never wear the same ones twice. The choice is yours.

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