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About Pumpkin

Boo! may be one of your favorite phrases, and nothing brings it more to mind than a seasonal winter squash. The pumpkin has long been a sign of the changing seasons. You, along with generations before you, adorn your home with pumpkin decorations in the fall. Many seasonal decorations, both used and new, are available through the reliable sellers on eBay. Primitive pumpkin artwork in antique styles is a popular way to celebrate the harvest season, and some pieces harken back to centuries earlier. Pick up a primitive hand-painted wooden yard sign depicting the big orange Halloween squash, or choose an antique pie plate for that perfect Thanksgiving pie. Whether you want to add to your trick-or-treat decorations or need a Thanksgiving or Christmas serving set that features the big and round, orange seasonal squash, there is always room for more collectibles. Get your scare on, or just get what you need to serve up your perfect pumpkin pie to family and friends.