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About Pulleys

Connoisseurs of working equipment from the days of yore sp[are no expense acquiring well-made parts, and a vintage?but not necessarily obsolete?pulley system fits the bill quite perfectly. Little has needed to evolve for the basic pulley system, aside from the materials used in their construction. As such, an antique pulley might prove as useful in function as it is in collectability; however, anyone with a collector?s eye will know that a model in good condition deserves special care and consideration. Reliable sellers on eBay have numerous collectors? vintage pulley listings, available for your perusal. Whether meant to be fitted with rope, hemp, or any number of metal-alloy weaves, the pulley represents mechanical utility at its simplest, and also its most reliable. Masters of restoration can keep these simple devices working beyond their expected years; the simplicity in their build guarantees smooth motion, so long as the pulley remains free of rust. Antique aficionados would do well to source the various models of pulley manufactured throughout the years, as few devices so simple possess such unique utility.