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About Pull UPS

Mommy, Mommy, I'm a big kid now! Everyone knows the popular motto of Pull Ups brand training pants, even the toddlers who use them. The important milestone that these not-quite-diapers symbolize in kids' lives is difficult to ignore and, though tough to live through, a little bit nostalgic for some. Since 1989, the Huggies Pull Ups brand of disposable training pants has aided millions of kids and their parents in making the important transition from diapers to "big kid" potty users by helping toddlers help themselves in the bathroom. Using the reliable sellers on eBay to buy Pull Ups is another way to make this transition easier on everyone. Pull Ups has grown over the years, developing different products, such as Cool Alert and girl's and boy's Pull Ups prints, all with one, important aim: to make potty training easier and more fun for the parents and for the kids they love.

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