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About Puff Sleeves

Jerry Seinfeld may not have been able to pull off the puffy shirt, but with the right cut and sizing, the puff sleeve is a style that can create a soft, sophisticated look. This look can be worn in a variety of settings, whether it is at work, a formal evening event or even a night out with the girls. A puff sleeve dress, for instance, combines a tight-fitting bodice with moderately puffed sleeves to create a look reminiscent of 80s fashion but with less emphasis on building up the shoulders. If you are seeking a look that is not as bold, try a puff sleeve sweater. The heavy material naturally pulls the puffs down, creating a cozy look that is perfect for sub-zero, blistery, winter days. There are thousands of puff sleeve styles, all of which you can find on eBay, thanks to a multitude of reliable sellers that aim to help you find exactly what you want.