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About Puch Moped

The hippest kids in the 1970s zoomed around the neighborhoods on trendy Puch mopeds. With many models named after U.S. states, these cool vehicles spread their charm from Austria to North America. The Puch Maxi moped is a popular model with a production run that lasted until the 1980s. With its 49cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine producing around 2 horsepower, the engine can propel you to a speed of around 28 mph. When you want to start the early models of the vehicle, you use the pedals, and then disengage them from the engine by activating a starting lever when you want to ride the moped like a regular bicycle. Since the later Puch models have no pedals, you have to get them moving with kick start. There are several Puch models available, and the Dakota and Florida come with a 50cc fan-cooled engine and three-speed gearbox. The Alabama model includes the option of a four-speed gearbox. If you want to find a more famous Puch moped from the large inventory on eBay, look for the Puch Magnum moped, or perhaps the Newport.