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About Psychology

When you were younger, you struggled in school because of bullying. Your mother was working toward her degree in psychology at the time, and she used some of the skills that she had learned to not only help you, but also to help the ones bullying you. Mom always said the best way to learn is to see a concept in action, and using that philosophy, she put her study of psychology in action. She invited all of your friends, as well as the two kids who were bullying you, on a camping trip. On the trip, your mother worked with all of you, showing you how to build a campsite while working together. Mom then created an awesome treasure hunt, putting you and the two kids who were bullying you on the same team. She knew what she was doing, because after you all worked together, you also learned that you were not all that different from one another. In fact, you and the two bullies became great friends and are still to this day. Looking over at your little girl, you want her to grow up with both self-worth and consideration of others, so you go online and find some psychology books on eBay, knowing that when and if the time comes, you can put psychology into action.