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About Psychedelic Shirts

In the 1970s, you had the time of your life touring with the Grateful Dead in a beat up Volkswagen van, wearing the uniform of jeans and psychedelic shirts. Or, perhaps you followed Pink Floyd during college vacations. Whether you were actually there or just wish you were, you can look like a true Dead Head or Floyd fan in a vintage psychedelic shirt. This style pays homage to the hippie styles from the 1960s and 1970s. These shirts feature wild, colorful prints that conjure images of light shows at rock concerts or classic poster art. There is a variety of button-up psychedelic shirts with vibrant graphics, offering a true retro look. For a more modern option, choose band T-shirts featuring groovy images. There are even T-shirts featuring original classic rock cover art from musicians like Jimi Hendrix. Many modern bands also play with this vintage style. Whether you like hippie clothing or you need an authentic piece for your Halloween costume, you can find women's and men's psychedelic shirts in the large inventory on eBay.