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About Psychedelic Posters

Let flower power reign in your far-out pad when you adorn the walls with psychedelic posters. Whether it is your dorm room, your rec room, or your kids' playroom, everyone can be feeling groovy when they are surrounded by these bright and visually stimulating 1960s- and 1970s-style artworks. Psychedelic portraits of the Beatles, along with trippy posters from their "Yellow Submarine" album and movie, remain popular with older and newer generations alike. Add black lights to make things even more authentically retro, and find some vintage psychedelic black light posters to glow in the semi-dark. Many old posters advertising rock concerts by famous groups of the 1960s and 1970s used a psychedelic theme, with wild artwork, iconic swirls, bright colors, and ornate typefaces. Peace, love, and harmony were key ideas of the time, and psychedelic posters expressing these themes give you great conversation pieces when friends and family visit, or when you are just hanging out and relaxing. Choose from the vast selection available on eBay to find just the right posters for your space.