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About PSE Compound Bow

With pride you watch your daughter draw the string back to her ear, the bow's cam creaking under pressure, and then the arrow flies like a bolt of lightning to strike the target in a puff of sawdust. A PSE compound bow is an excellent starter bow for a younger person to learn the sport of archery or the art of bow hunting. A pink PSE compound bow is a good way to keep equipment clearly visible when practicing in close proximity to the woods during hunting season, a sensible precaution for any outdoors person in training. With variable cam systems and an average 60 pound draw, these sturdy, rugged bows are highly accessible while still packing enough power to give a student a sense of respect for the equipment they are handling. They are excellent tools for building up muscle during target practice and for learning about the surprisingly complex and difficult art of drawing and releasing with grace. You can find a PSE compound bow in the vast inventory of archery supplies on eBay.

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