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About PSA Rookie

A collector's biggest fear is hearing that his or her supposed priceless card is actually worthless. With graded PSA rookie cards, that is never an issue. Professional Sports Authenticator not only grades cards that are sent in by collectors, it also assures the authenticity of each card. The highest possible grade is a PSA 10, and a PSA 10 rookie card for a star player can fetch a pretty penny. As time passes, more and more cards achieve that perfect grade, so now is the time to acquire these gems, especially if you are a reseller. Of course, very few older cards will achieve PSA 10 grades as time goes by, as most cards of past decades have either already been graded or are not in great shape. For example, a Michael Jordan rookie PSA 10 Gem Mint condition sells for over 10,000 dollars and that value is not likely to decline. You can find PSA rookie cards in all grades from the reliable sellers on eBay.