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About PS3 Super Slim

It has been a long, hard day, but all the challenges of the day fades into the background as you nestle into your couch with your PlayStation 3 controller in hand. The PS3 Super Slim marks the third-generational release of the popular PlayStation 3 console. Available among the vast inventory on eBay, it boasts a super-compact build that lends itself well to easy installation, even in media centers with limited space. The size of the PS3 Super Slim console does not affect its gaming or entertainment performance. It comes with all the amazing features characterized with the brand, including a vast gaming library and access to a varied list of streaming services. You can watch your favorite Blu-ray movies using the player, or store and play your favorite music and video files from the hard disk. An ingenious sliding tray system makes it easy to switch between discs. A new PS3 Super Slim gaming package makes an ideal gift for a gaming enthusiast. With a game, controller, and console all included, PS3 Super Slim bundles come with most of what you need to enjoy an amazing gaming performance straight from the box.