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About Prototypes

Monsters are ravaging Manhattan with an infectious disease and an uncontrollable hunger for human flesh, and the only one who can save New York City from the impending doom is a shapeshifter who has no memory of his past. Thankfully, that isn’t reality, but is instead the storyline of the popular video game, “Prototype.” This action-adventure open-world game garnered praise from GameSpot for both its plot and its protagonist, Alex Mercer. Similarly, The Onion’s A.V. Club awarded it an “A” grade for its exhilarating style and movement, and for succeeding as a mature science-fiction superhero fantasy. With the storyline providing a sandbox-style of video gaming, gamers have the freedom to roam Manhattan, regardless of whether they are playing “Prototype” on PS3 or are playing “Prototype” on Xbox 360. Yet another engaging concept of the game is Mercer’s shapeshifting ability, which allows the gamer in the virtual world to take the form of anyone and even consume his or her humanity. Saving Manhattan (and the world) is just a few clicks away when you browse listings for “Prototype” on eBay from a range of reliable sellers on eBay.