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About Proton Packs

No child or adult "Ghostbusters" costume is complete without a proton pack. In the movies, the proton packs contained the various ghosts that Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston battled in New York City. For pretend play or cosplay, a Ghostbusters proton pack adds to a costume's authenticity. These packs come with all of the bells and whistles – literally. The units come with an electronic sound kit that mimics the sounds that the packs make in the movies, including the start-up hum, sounds for streams firing, the shutdown sounds, and even the "Ghostbusters" theme song for good measure. Some of the packs themselves are substantial, made with steel, brass, and heavy-duty plastic. Each pack also comes with a proton pack gun. Maintaining a proton pack is easy as well, thanks to the large inventory of replacement parts available on eBay. The parts include ones for keeping the electronics in working shape as well as harnesses and belts to keep the wearer comfortable. The next time someone calls, put on your "Ghostbusters" outfit and be ready to battle your local ghosts with a "Ghostbusters" proton pack.