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About Proto 2000s

Creating a highly functional model train set complete with beautiful and accurate scenery, a well-oiled train that roars along the tracks, and an electrical construction that makes the entire scene come alive is never an easy ordeal, especially when it comes to providing a set with lifelike trains. However, with the widely renowned Proto 2000 series of model trains produced by Walthers Proto, you can provide your model train collection with superbly accurate and precise trains that mimic the movements, sounds, lights, and designs of vintage and contemporary trains. In fact, to provide collectors and enthusiasts with the most detailed trains available, Proto worked directly with historical societies, museums, and modeling authorities to make sure that their data was 100-percent accurate. Additionally, with Tsunami Sound and DCC decoder technology, your trains can also display enhanced realism and operation. When giving your model train set a Proto 2000 tank car, steam locomotive, or any other Proto 2000 locomotives, all that you need to do is check out all of the flawless trains available on eBay in high-quality condition. With your very own Proto 2000 train, you too can capture gritty and powerful realism and enhance the beauty of locomotion in your model train set.