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About Propane Torch

Fire it up. As a homeowner, you know that projects around your home are never-ending. Armed with a propane torch, you can burn off hundreds of different repairs or building projects from your to-do list. Kill nasty weeds or unsightly stumps in your lawn; thaw frozen pipes on cold winter days when you need hot water for your shower; heat motors and metal for auto repair and make them easier to bend and fit in your engine compartment; melt ice and snow from your sidewalks and driveway to prevent slips and falls. Take it inside the home to caramelize sugar and impress friends and family with your dessert cooking skills. In addition, lack of experience with a propane torch is not a problem. Start out with a propane torch kit, which connects with a hose directly to a propane tank for easy and safe. More experienced users can go for the portability of a self-igniting propane torch on eBay. Add this versatile tool to your toolbox and discover endless ways to use the power of the flame around the home. Light it up, and let it burn.