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About Propane Conversion Kit

Many people considered propane a secondary fuel choice for engines and motors in the late 1970s when gasoline prices started to hit all-time highs. In contemporary times, propane enjoys widespread use as a budget-friendly fuel source, and you can use a propane conversion kit to transition a vehicle or tool from a single-fuel system to a dual-fuel-capacity machine. Your equipment can function with more than one type of fuel after you install the kit — the flip of a switch inside can change over your fuel source from gasoline to propane from a small forklift tank. A propane conversion kit for a vehicle contains everything you need to make the switch, including the injection vaporizer, gas filters, hoses, installation brackets, and sensors. You can also get kits for a variety of machines and appliances. A generator propane conversion kit takes a gasoline-dependent generator and makes power with cleaner-burning propane gas using the proper cylinder, parts, and piping system. Even gas-powered stoves and lanterns can transition with the right kit. Fuel flexibility is easy with the vast array of fuel conversion kits available in the large inventory on eBay.