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About Projection TVs

You are one of the early adopters of HDTVs, and your first projection TV still stands in your den. With its imposing presence, this TV is a beautiful, black monolith and a reminder of all the long hours you spent playing video games on it. A rear projection TV is an improvement on the old, bulky TVs that use cathode ray tubes. However, with new technologies such as DLP and LCD projectors, it became possible to make slimmer and larger projection television sets. After many years of keeping the TV as a novelty, you have finally decided to put it on again. There is no doubt that you will need a new projection TV bulb to replace the dead one inside the TV. Fortunately, you can find this and other rear projection television parts among the large inventory of TVs offered by reputable sellers on eBay. While you barely play video games any longer, you can catch your favorite weekend sports games on the newly repaired projection TV in the comfort of your den.