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About Project X

The letter X suggests a lot of things: the unknown, the intangible, and on treasure maps, the goal of the journey where the treasure lies, just waiting to be plundered. Project X golf club shafts attempt to evoke this notion, to be the "X factor" that improves a golfer's game beyond what it might ordinarily be. Made of cutting-edge graphite that has the perfect balance of suppleness and rigidity, the Project X 5.5 is one of the company's more recent models. That model, along with Project X 6.0, can be found in premade clubs or purchased separately and assembled with a head and other accoutrements later. In either case, instead of roving through a the oversize aisles of a sporting goods store where they will have to deal with high pressure sales pitches and other annoyances, savvy buyers can find these and other Project X products from a number of trusted sellers on eBay who offer convenient shipping options directly to your door.