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About Production Cel

When you were a kid, all the cartoons and cartoon movies were hand drawn and painted instead of done digitally. A production cel of your favorite cartoons and movies is both valuable and collectible. You can find cels from Disney all the way to "SpongeBob" cartoon cels. A Disney production cel is available from movies such as "The Aristocats" or from cartoons such as "DuckTales." All of these production cels are collectible, but what you find valuable and desirable may not be the same as someone else. The Simpsons production cel is available from any of the seasons that the show has run. You can pass these cels down to your children easily. These hand drawn cels have inspired many up and coming artists and are a good way to inspire your children to pursue art as their hobby. No matter what cartoon or movie you want a production cel from, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a great selection with convenient shipping options.