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About Pro Comp Heads

Shop the large inventory of car and truck parts including cylinder heads and parts!

Pro Comp heads are a type of aftermarket automotive part that has inspired a lot of discussion among folks who like to race muscle cars. Even if you are not a racer, if you are interested in Pro Comp cylinder heads, you are probably at least interested in modifying your car to get the most speed possible. These parts are commonly made from lightweight metals such as aluminum, and there seems to be some debate within the community as to whether they are effective parts. If you are curious or are convinced of their merit, you may be looking for some Pro Comp aluminum heads of your own. There parts may be designed specifically for certain cars, such as the Ford Mustang. If you are interested in buying a set, there is a vast inventory of Pro Comp heads on eBay, including full sets designed for specific cars. This inventory may also include important parts associated with these parts, including head studs and block heads, making it easy for you to find the parts you need to complete your installation or repair project.