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About Pro Audios

Pro audio equipment separates the serious audio enthusiast from the dilettante. With pro audio speakers in your studio, you can hear every nuance of the sound so you can create perfect recordings. Studio monitors do not need to be the loudest speakers on the block, merely the most accurate. With a good set of JBL pro audio monitors, you get pitch-perfect sound reproduction, so you can mix and balance the music actually produced, not a pale imitation. You have to know your needs before you can select your speakers; you need one speaker for the studio and a totally different set for the stage on tour. The reliable sellers on eBay can connect you with the perfect new or refurbished speakers for any audio challenge you may face. If all you have experienced is consumer-grade sound, it will blow you away when you try pro audio on for size. It is all about the accuracy; consumer gear has to sound good and professional gear has to sound right.