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About Prize Wheel

Your excitement rises with the repetitive click-click-click of the pointer that moves along the edge of the wheel as it spins, slowing gradually until it eventually stops on the spot that proclaims your prize. Nothing excites people young and old quite like the prospect of a prize, and with a prize wheel, you can easily bring incentives to nearly any situation. A 24-inch wheel is easily spun by little hands, making it a great choice for school, daycare, and even home settings to offer rewards for activities and accomplishments. For older children and adults, a 30-inch wheel provides a satisfying feel and the familiar clicking sound that draws attention and keeps onlookers riveted until the pointer finally falls into place. Dry-erase surface material lets you customize each space with a different prize. For customization that requires no erasing, some wheels feature spaces designed to accommodate standard-size sticky notes. Bring the excitement of prizes to your next event by browsing the large inventory of prize wheels on eBay.