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About Prius Wheels

As the best known hybrid in America, the Toyota Prius is famous for its fuel economy; however, many people do not realize just how important Prius wheels are to that efficiency. All of your power transfers to the road through your wheels; the more rolling resistance they have, the more fuel it takes to simply turn your wheels even though you are not really going anywhere. Prius OEM wheels are designed for the needs of the Prius and driver, offering minimal rolling resistance for better overall performance. Add a wheel cover to reduce wind resistance and you can see even more benefits in reduced fuel consumption. Check out the wheels you can find from any of the reliable sellers on eBay. Driving a hybrid does not just save you money on gas; it also helps to protect the environment. The road may not be green in front of you, but the right Prius wheels can make your driving greener. There is just something about that feeling you get when you can pass gas stations rather than stopping at them.