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About Prius Seat Covers

Red waves of liquid splash around the sides of the plastic lining, and you watch in horror as your children toss the Sippy cup full of fruit punch back and forth over the top of your new seats. As you start to tell them "no," the cup drops and leaves your seats stained because you did not have any Prius seat covers in place. The red fruit punch stain is one of many stains you may face as a parent, and protecting your vehicle's seats is easy with cloth seat covers. Prius C seat covers for your vehicle come in a wide variety of styles to fit anyone's taste. These covers go easily over the two front bucket seats and a third bench cover is made for the back. And all Prius V seat covers have a drawstring at the bottom to help secure the cover onto the seat. When liquid is spilled on the cloth, the cover's material allows it to bead up instead of soaking in and staining the seat. Shop the enormous selection available on eBay now, and protect your vehicle with Prius seat covers.