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About Prius Key

You have spent the day out shopping, running errands, getting things done — when you realize that you can not find your car key. Whether it was lost or stolen, the bottom line is that you now need to replace your Toyota Prius key. The dealership charges hundreds of dollars, but there must be a cheaper way. Whether you need a key today or you are purchasing a back-up key, you can find what you are searching for on eBay. It does not matter what model year you need, because you are sure to find what you are searching for. Many of the keys produced work on multiple model years, to simplify your search. Simply purchase a key and take it to the dealership to be reprogrammed. The keyless entry feature is fantastic for when your hands are full of groceries or perhaps a squirming toddler. And if you ever forget where you parked and then spend ages searching vast parking lots to locate your vehicle, the panic button feature cuts down the length of the search. All you have to do is press the panic button long enough for the car alarm to sound and beckon you to your car's exact location.